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I love studying the scriptures!

I especially love studying scriptures when I’m in a groove- if I have a plan for the next weeks or months in place then my scripture study is strong. But if I am not sure where I’ll study next then it feels flimsy and all over the place. Enter the Scripture Study S’more! A complete, yet flexible way to feast on The Word all in one scrumptious plan.

Each post ends with a suggested plan of study. Each s’more is inspired by and includes a quote from the most recent General Conference.

I read some really inspiring things on the internet but I hope that reading the posts here brings an added measure of active study into your life instead of passive scrolling through someone else’s words. I hope it gives you ground work from which you can take off.

Briefly, here is how a s’more works (click the link for a more in-depth explanation):

S  Prayer/Ask

  • When we start with a prayer, we invite the Spirit. When we come to study with a question, we will be given an answer!

M  Study

  • Cross-reference, look up word definitions, search the words of modern prophets, read, and read some more!

O  Ponder

  • This might be the hardest part- focused thinking brings the Spirit to teach specific things to our open hearts.

R  Write

  • Record what you asked. Record what you study. Record what you ponder. Record, record, record! This is the step from which I learn the most.

E  Prayer/Thank

  • When we take the time to stop and thank God for revelation received, we join the one leper who returned to say thank you instead of the nine who left the giver of their joy behind.


Scripture study should include all these steps but not necessarily in this exact order. Nor should a study session be limited to doing each step only once. For example a study could look like this:

  • ask
  • ponder
  • study
  • write
  • study
  • ask
  • ponder
  • write
  • thank

The sky– I mean Heaven– is the limit! I’m convinced that scripture study as God intends it brings power into our lives. (great quotes on scripture study here)

These scripture study principles were first introduced to me from Vern Sommerfeldt, an incredible teacher at BYU. A version of these same principles were also taught through the EFY program. I’m thankful for the many teachers of the gospel who have touched my life!

The spirit guides us when we do the work- so here is some work to do!


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