President Boyd K. Packer said: No message is repeated more times in scripture than the simple thought: “Ask, and ye shall receive” (October 1979)

Start out your scripture study with a question. Sometimes we call home just to chat, but sometimes we call with a specific need. Verbalizing that need in a prayer is the first step of the ‘work’ of prayer- the work that brings God’s voice into our hearts.

“I’m so worried about this precious spirit I am a mother to. Please help me understand her!”

“I am not sure how this job is going to bring what we are hoping for, please give me the reassurance that we made the right choice!”

“I wish I could be better at using my time wisely. What am I missing to be a better steward of my time?”

or maybe it is just:

“I don’t understand this verse of scripture I read yesterday. Please help me understand it!”


Taking the time to start out by ASKING will change what comes out of your scripture study because of what you have brought to your scripture study!




Elder Richard G. Scott said:

Help from the Lord generally comes in increments…the general pattern is that improvement comes in sequential steps. That plan gives us an opportunity to discover what the Lord expects us to learn. It requires our patience to recognize His timetable. It provides growth from our efforts and trust in Him and the opportunity to express gratitude for the help given. (1991)

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