My son Elijah has a reading calendar due each Wednesday. One week we forgot to return it.. Elijah came home disappointed and said, “Mama can you write it down so we won’t forget my reading calendar anymore?”

God says to us, “Can you write it down so you won’t forget it anymore?”

Maybe those teachers from way-back-when had it right when they made children copy down 200 times, “I will not disrespect Mrs. Wohjuhusky” (yes, that was my 5th grade teacher’s name)… but not really because it takes no brain power to copy something down over and over…

but to journal what you are learning in your scripture study takes a lot of brain power. Of all the steps of scripture study, I feel like I learn the most from this step. The work involved with writing down impressions seems to enhance my ability to hear the Spirit teaching me… the minutes pass as I write and write. Then I look back at what I’ve written, and I learn from it. Writing brings revelation unparalleled!

So, find a journal and start writing.  =)

Why do you think writing brings so much learning??

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  1. Sara Catherine Bailey

    I love Lara write to her self and to her son Elijah did the post about the scripture study and I feel what you did great and you did amazing things in own blog and post


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